Kaleidoscope is a suite of observation and feedback tools designed to extend our foundational four-day courses into actionable, ongoing professional development for teacher and school improvement.

Using Kaleidoscope, a Responsive Classroom consultant will visit your school to observe and provide feedback on the phases of teacher growth in their use of Responsive Classroom practices. The consultant will also observe and provide feedback on adult and student interactions in non-classroom spaces like the cafeteria, halls, gym, and playground.

Kaleidoscope analyzes the results of observations to create a school growth profile and provide customized resources and solutions.

The observation and feedback cycle continues throughout the school year. School leaders receive video training on how to use Kaleidoscope to observe teaching practices, interpret mid- and end-of-year growth profiles, and make data-informed decisions to support teacher growth, school improvement, and student academic, social and emotional learning (A+SEL) outcomes.

Kaleidoscope is intended for use after your school has completed a four-day Responsive Classroom course. Kaleidoscope is now included with our whole-school packages, or it can be purchased separately.

How it works:

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